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The ultimate in navigation

Advantages of online learning
  • No classroom pressure
  • Work on your course anywhere
  • Work on your course at anytime.
  • Assessments can be taken in your own home
  • We are there for you until you pass
Invigilated assessments
If you need an invigilated assessment this can be arranged with one of the many training centres we work with. Some fees may apply.

How it works

The RYA Ocean Yachtmaster course includes the RYA question paper and almanac.
Free extras include downloadable pro-formers, downloadable, dedicated plotting sheets and the most comprehensive online ocean navigation course available.
The course consists of animated lessons that work on any device, test questions that are recorded in your results file and the final assessment which, if required, can be invigilated at one of the many training centres we work with.
Instant feedback
No need to answer via email or wait for a reply to see how you have done.
Online forms provide the perfect solution and give instant feedback on your answers.

Try it free no registration
At Navathome we try our very best to help every student achieve their aims.
Twenty years of teaching sailing and sailing theory has put us in the lead position in online learning.
Our dedicated instructors are available 7 days a week from 0800 until 2000 in the evening and are contactable by email or phone.

Fully animated lessons

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Why you should learn with Navathome
  • Fully animated lessons
  • Works on any browser or device
  • 10 years developing RYA courses
  • 6 months initial access extendable
  • Extend your course up to two years after expiry
  • Friendly instructors available 7 days a week
  • Two years access to the revision course
  • MCA RYA approved courses MCA
First class pass rate
At we have a 100% pass rate for the RYA Ocean Yachtmaster.
Beware of imitations
There are some astro course that are not RYA recognised out there and that do not carry an RYA certificate.

Why People Choose Us

Navathome is one of the longest providors of RYA courses online. Our automated feedback systems, animated graphics and optional voice overs give a learning experience unmatched by any of our competitors.

Fast access

Access to you course is immediate when you book and your learning can start straight away.

Dedicated Team

You are provided with backup and help by our RYA Ocean Yachtmaster instructors.

Support seven days a week

Your instructor will be available from 0800 until 2000 UT or BST seven days a week and more often until late in the evening.

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We Are Available Worldwide

Navathome provides courses all over the world and will send your RYA pack to any country.

RYA qualifications are recognised in more countries than any other training body.

Go with the RYA and be safe at sea.