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The Mobile Phone App

The tools you needs, and the guidance you want right in your pocket! are very pleased to release our new Mobile Phone Application that is available free to everyone.

We developed our mobile app specifically to support our students in their training, and to also give you access to some useful tools that you can use during your training program, and to keep using as part of your on water adventures.

  • Flip Cards for Navigation Lights.
  • Flip Cards and Audio play for Sound Signals.
  • Flip Cards for Collision Regulations.
  • Marine knot demonstration videos.
  • VHF channel Wheel Reference.
Now you can learn and rehearse the different scenarios and configurations without having to login to your course. Look through the flip cards from your phone when you are on your way to work, in your cabin at sea, or challenge your instructor on the potential different configurations and see how many mistakes they make.

  • Sailing Log - Record details of your passages electronically and keep track of your sea-time.
  • Take photos of your certificates and qualifications and save them to the app so you don't have to carry the originals.
  • Obtain the daily tidal information for English coastal waters.
  • Obtain real-time weather and tidal information.
  • Calculate tidal heights quickly using our online calculator.
  • Passage planning and pre-start checklists.
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  • Mobile App Images
  • Mobile App Images
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  • Mobile App Images
The tidal plot is based on the standard rule of 12ths and although it is not 100% accurate for more complex tidal curves, it is reasonably accurate for regular tidal patterns. You can quickly and easily calculate:
  • The height of tide for a particular time.
  • The time(s) for a specific height of tide.

Free and available for Apple and Android!