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How we view our courses

It's great to pass and get the qualification but at Navathome it's the knowledge that is important.
I passed my day skipper
Being a skipper is a huge responsibility which is why we make sure you have skills to be safe at sea with family, friends or both.
Sometimes we get asked what the pass mark is and our reply is usually "What percentage would you like to achieve when you are out at seas with your family or friends?" So the answer is: "We make sure you have the required knowledge to be safe".

Safety is an important part of all the RYA theory courses and we look for good results to this part of the course along with good navigation and pilotage.
Fire prevention is part of the safety along with May Day calls, safety equipment, safety drills and more.

How we started

Lyn and I met in 1997 and started Allabroad Yacht Charter in 1999, Allabroad Sailing Academy 2001 and Navathome in 2008.
I was working as a sailing instructor at Conway School of Yachting. Lyn was taking her Coastal Skipper practical course. A few weeks after meeting we went on a trip to Ireland, with Simon Calder and Fi Glover, as part of the Holiday Program for the BBC. I hoped to gain some free advertising for the school.
After the trip Lyn and I stayed in touch and before long we got together. We decided to sell up, buy a new boat and start a charter company with the name Allabroad using the new boat to charter our way around the world. Unfortunately, due to serious problems with our brand new Moody 46 our trip was curtailed. We eventually settled with Moody Yachts but it had given us the time to realise the sail training opportunities.
We changed our charter company to Allabroad Sailing Academy. Allabroad was an instant success, so much so that it was not long before we had bought a second yacht and Lyn was duly sent off to take her instructors exam. During our time with Allabroad it became apparent that there was a serious need for a good online learning course. There had been a constant flow of students complaining about poor tuition especially distant learning tuition. We had both had previous experience of writing web material and programming.

Navathome was born in 2008

In 2005 we decided to write an online Day Skipper theory course and applied to the RYA to have it approved.
The RYA were, as usual, were very helpful and our course material was passed to Mike Diamond one of the RYA examiners of examiners. Mike went through the course and pulled us up on a few things before approving it.
The following year, we started writing the Ocean Yachtmaster online theory course and at times wished I hadn't. When I took my OY course it was a teaching disaster and I knew little more when I came out of the classroom than when I went in. I had been taught how to fill in forms and it made me realise the time limitation when taking a classroom course.
We spent months doing the ocean animations and Lyn worked very hard on the weather and passage making Modules (her passion!). The course animations were difficult, to say the least, and we would regularly leave it for a while before being inspired to try again. Eventually it was completed and it looked good.
It ended up in the hands of Chris Slade, another RYA examiner of examiners, for approval. It it is now a very successful course with every single student passing their assessment.
The RYA are quite strict on how their courses should be run which helps to keep standards up.
They welcome feedback as we do.

Why People Choose Us

Navathome is one of the longest providers of RYA courses online. Our automated feedback systems, animated graphics and optional voice-overs give a learning experience unmatched by any of our competitors.

Fast access

Access to you course is immediate when you book, and your learning can start straight away.

Dedicated Team

You are provided with backup and help by our RYA Ocean Yachtmaster instructors.

Support seven days a week

Your instructor will be available from 0900 until 1900 seven days a week to provide help and support should you need it.

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