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Do I really have to have my Day Skipper theory before taking the Coastal Yachtmaster? Read more?
You have to be up to the level of Day Skipper theory to take the coastal yachtmaster.
It becomes very clear very quickly when a student tries to wing it because they are unable to do the initial chartwork questions in the course.
The Day Skipper is the very best of all the RYA courses. The content covers so many things adn it prepairs you for moving on.
The sylabus is on the the Day Skipper page. So if your current skills include all the items in the day Skipper syllabus you should be ok for the Coastal Yachtmaster.
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What happens if I book multiple courses. Read more?
The correct discount will be applied automatically when you book Navathome courses.
10% for two courses and 15% for three or more.
If the courses are all for one person E.g. Day Skipper, Coastal Yachtmaster and Ocean Yachtmaster you have access for 6 months for each course
If you book two or three courses for different students then the access period runs concurrently.
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Is the online certificate the same as a classroom certificate. Read more?
Yes it is exactly the same certificate as those issued for a classroom course.
If you want to use your certification for commercial use the assessment will need to be invigilated.
We can arrange this for you but it is not really neccessary unless you intend to work on vessels over 200 gross tons.
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How do I take the assessment. Read more?
The assessment is online and can be taken on completion of all the course excercises.
If you prefer to take your assessment in a classroom we can arrange this for you for a small fee paid to the participating training centre.

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Are there any parts of the course that can be completed while I wait for my RYA pack. Read more?
Certainly for the Day Skipper and Coastal Yachtmaster courses.
The following sections can be completed:

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I tried to log into my course but my log in would not work what should I do. Read more?
Click student log in at the top of the page.
Select the course you are booked on.
On the log in page enter the email address you used for your course.
Click forgotten password.
Your password will be sent to you.
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I tried to log into my course but got a message to say that my access has expired. Read more?
Do not worry your course does not expire until you pass.
Use the 'Prices and booking' tab on the top menu bar then click on 'Extensions'.
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How long it takes to complete a course if I book. Read more?
The Esential Navigation Ccourse takes about between twenty and thirty hours.
Day Skipper, Coastal Yachtmaster and Ocean Yachtmaster all take between forty and fify hours
The PPR course takes a few hours
The CEVNI test takes a couple of hours.
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How long do I have to complete the course. Read more?
Your login lasts until you pass. Your access lasts for a full 6 months after which it can be extended for further 6 month periods.
There is an admin charge of £30 for each extension. A 6 month period is more than enough time to complete the course and the need to pay extension fees are very rare.
You have one off option to request that you course be put on hold for a period of time.
This way your access time does not get used up.

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Can I download the course to work offline? Read more?
The course is an online course with lots of animated diagrams and lots of self test quizzes.
In addition there are questions that have to be submitted to the centre.
Our course provides auto feedback which saves you having to email the centre and wait for your results.
You can keep a page open or use the question paper that comes with the RYA pack to answer questions offline, but it is an online course with all the advantages of immediate responses to submitted answers.

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We are always happy to have a chat about your current level and which course would be the best for you.
The suite of courses is professionally written by fully qualified RYA instructors with a background in e-learning and computer programming.

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