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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Day Skipper Theory course is an ideal starting place for all students who have never completed any theory training as this assumes no prior knowledge.

This course will gradually build up your knowledge and confidence as you progress.

Yes! If you are intending to work commercially, perhaps onboard large yachts, or progress onto MCA qualifications, then your theory assessment will require professional invigilation. We will be able to assist with the arrangements for invigilation by contacting RYA training centres throughout the UK and abroad on your behalf to arrange where you can have your assessment invigilated.

Please get in touch with us to discuss this further.

Absolutely nothing! Your student theory pack will contain the RYA material which relates to your chosen course. We also include a complimentary plotter and dividers set within the theory packs for the Essential Navigation, Day Skipper and Fastrack to Coastal/Yachtmaster theory courses.

For the other courses, these may be added to your order for a small fee.

You can take your pick! All of our courses offer the flexibility of being phone, tablet, laptop, iOS and Android compatible!

We ensure that the courses are updated frequently to remain compatible on your chosen device.

Not at all! We appreciate just how frustrating this would be! We have a sophisticated system which maintains a live record of your course completion in your own personal course results file, and provides instant feedback for your submitted work.

If you have a question, and get in touch by email, or in course “contact” form, we know that you will be keen to receive a response as soon as possible!

Our support service is available from 0900-1900 (UK time), seven days a week and during these hours we aim to respond within one hour.

You can save a page to review when you are not online but in general it is an online course, and by its nature, you will need to be online to complete it.

If you don’t have the internet available, you can use the question paper in the student pack to work through the questions offline but you won’t have access to the animations which cannot be downloaded.

The RYA require answers to the coursework questions and assessments to be submitted to the training centre. So, it is not possible for any school to actually offer a fully downloadable version. Otherwise, we cannot monitor your progress, and you will not be able to receive instructor feedback and help.

Yes! Just get in touch with us and we can quickly place any remaining access on hold. This can then be reactivated when you are ready to begin studying again.

Yes, absolutely! Once your course has been completed, you will have lifetime access to our dedicated revision website to ensure that your theory knowledge remains up to date and fresh in mind.

This also provides you with access to the glossary of sailing terms and any updates to the lessons which may have been made since completing the course.

Yes. For the Navathome ICC, RYA Day Skipper, RYA Coastal/Yachtmaster and Fastrack to RYA Coastal/Yachtmaster you can begin studying some parts of the course immediately.

Sections such as: Safety, Collision Regulations and Buoyage can all be started before you receive your RYA pack. For the RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Theory you will need to wait for your student theory pack to arrive because it contains the RYA Nautical Almanac and Sight Reduction tables which are needed for the course.

We cannot access your payment information at any time during your booking process. This information is handled by encrypted secure servers according to your chosen payment method provider.

Our website is certified as being safe. This may be confirmed by checking for the small lock image in your browser window. We also conform to GDPR regulations.

We hold minimal data which is necessary to run your chosen course, and for us to deliver your course materials. This information consists of your name, address, email and details relating to your chosen course.

You may request for this information to be removed at any time, but this will mean that access to your theory/revision courses will no longer be possible. In addition, we would then not have a record of your course completion should you need to replace your certification in the future.

If your shipping address is in the UK, DHL may deliver your theory pack as quickly as the next working day! Most will arrive within two working days.

For theory pack delivery to Europe and overseas, we are in the hands of the local postal or courier service for the shipping destination country. We usually find though, that packs being sent to mainland addresses usually arrive within five working days (or less) without any problems. Shipping to islands can take a little longer, but you will always be provided with the tracking information automatically, so you are able to monitor the delivery progress at all times.

All times depend on your commitment to studying, speed of learning and determination.

As a guide the ICC will take approximately 20 hours to complete, Day Skipper: 45 hours, Coastal Yachtmaster: 60 hours and the Ocean Yachtmaster: 50 hours.

Of course! You have a statutory right to cancel the course within 14 days of making the booking and will just need to get in touch with us during this timeframe to let us know.

We will provide you with a no quibble refund upon receipt of your returned, unopened RYA theory pack. For students that have been issued an e-pack, the refund will exclude the costs of the e-pack which you will continue to own and be able to refer to. Please see the terms and conditions of booking.

Our thousands of five-star Trustpilot reviews speak for themselves!

We have been a leader in the provision of RYA online learning courses for more than 15 years and are constantly upgrading our courses for added value and to ensure that they remain innovative and engaging. Our friendly and highly experienced instructor team is committed to provide you with a quality service and we genuinely care about helping our students to achieve their goal.

Online learning provides the flexibility and convenience for studying at your own pace, and when you have the time available without taking any precious holiday leave away from work.

Feedback for RYA online theory courses from the training centres who then deliver the practical courses is excellent, they say the standard of knowledge is far superior than many of the students who have taken a classroom course.

We believe this is because students have had the time to learn properly and adsorb the information rather than being rushed through the course in a pressured environment in the classroom where they feel that they need to 'keep up'. You can return to the lessons as many times as you wish to ensure that you really understand the information which is being taught.

Upon booking, you will have an initial course access period of 6 months which is usually plenty of time for completing the chosen course.

We recognise though that life sometimes has other plans, and if needed, you will be able to extend the access for as many further 6 month intervals as you wish within two years of making your initial booking.

After this time, the RYA syllabus is likely to have changed and the materials in your student theory pack may no longer be up to date.

The final exam will follow the same format as that of the coursework. There will not be any hidden surprises as you will already be feeling well prepared and the question style will be familiar.

The exam may be taken online, at a time and in a location of your choice if the certificate will be used for leisure purposes.

Some students may need to have their exam invigilated with an RYA instructor present if the intention is to use the qualification commercially. Just let us know if this is something which may be required and we will be happy to advise further.

Yes. We are here to help you to achieve your goal!

Once the coursework has been completed, you will have the required knowledge to pass the assessment.

Before taking the assessment however, we will still advise about any areas of revision to complete beforehand, giving you the best chance of being successful, first time!

We appreciate that sometimes nerves can kick in on the exam day, and if you are not successful first time around, we will work with you to complete more personalised revision prior to taking a full or partial resit. The revision forms part of our dedicated support service and you will never be charged for this.

Our aim is to see you to succeed, and if you are committed, then so are we!

If you are completing the assessment during our usual hours of support (0900-1900 UK time), you are likely to receive feedback as you progress through each set of questions. If you are working outside of these hours, you will receive feedback from us when we begin our support service the next day.

No problem at all! Please visit the password page – by using the access link to your course. Enter your course access email address and then click the ‘lost password’ button.

email reminder of your password will automatically be sent to you.

If you have entered a password incorrectly too many times, the system will automatically apply a security lock to your account. Please just drop us a line and we will have you back up and running again within a couple of minutes!

If your 6 months initial course access period had expired, you will need to use the ‘Extensions’ tab to add an access extension. This can be found in the toolbar at the top of your course homepage.