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Assessment Invigilation

We are regularly asked by students for information about assessment invigilation, so we put together a question and answer page to help you better understand the requirements.

To ensure that our information remains current and completely up to date, we communicate regularly with the RYA. We cannot guarantee that other online providers do the same, so please do check directly with the RYA if you are unsure.

What is assessment invigilation, and who can conduct it?

In some cases, it is necessary to arrange for an RYA Instructor to be present throughout the assessment to verify that you haven’t received any assistance during the exam, this is known as invigilation. The RYA Instructor may be of any level however, the MCA require them to be affiliated to an RYA recognised training centre. The invigilation cannot be carried out independently.

To ensure legitimacy we do take care to verify RYA Instructor and RYA Training Centre credentials, and will require sight of their qualification and a signed letter from them for our records.

When is invigilation required, do I really need it?

In most cases, invigilation of the final theory assessment is not necessary and is completely optional. It is often an unnecessary expense.

We have summarised this for you below:

Invigilation is not required:
Invigilation is required:
How can invigilation be arranged:
Any other questions:

Please don’t hesitate to ask, and we will be happy to help.