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Invigilated Assessments:

IIf you wish to complete the Ocean Yachtmaster theory course or Coastal Yachtmaster theory course for commercial use, the RYA will require your theory assessment to be invigilated.

Distance Learning students who intend to enter the MCA large yacht qualifications such as Officer of the Watch or Master 3000 will require a formally invigilated exam.
Course completion certificates submitted for commercially endorsing a Day Skipper certificate or in lieu of a written exam during the Yachtmaster Ocean examination must also be invigilated. This exam will be conducted by an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor or Examiner through an RYA RTC.   

Please let us know in advance if invigilation is required and we can assist in arranging for the assessment to be taken at a participating RYA training centre. This will still be completed online but will require an instructor to be present throughout the assessment.
Please note: At their discretion the Training Centre may charge a fee for the invigilation service.

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