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Online theory courses can be completed in your own time at your own pace and in your own space.Online learning

We have nothing to hide and provided a very comprehensive free trial to give you a real feel for the course and so you know exactly what you are getting right from the start.
 Would you buy a course without seeing a comprehensive part of it?

Our courses have been proven to be successful over the last ten years because we them it up to date with modern learning techniques up to date animated graphics, full time staff keeping it at the forefront of technology and providing help where needed.

Optional voiceover we let you decide how you wish to learn.

We have added optional voiceover to all important lessons which, unlike the more common video and slide show format courses, gives you the option to read and watch, listen and watch or all three.

Voice overs are good but become irritating when you have to listen to them over and over so we have designed our lessons as animated diagrams with the option to read and listen, just read, or just listen.

Advantage? You do not need to listen to the voiceover a second or third irritating time.

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Compatibility More information if the animations are not working on your device.

If you cannot see the dipping light animation above, please read this.

You can upgrade free from windows 8 to windows 8.1 or windows 10 which quite often resolves windows 8 problems that stop the animations working.

After loading windows 8.1 or later and if there is still a problem. Another quick fix is to upload a different browser than windows and set it as default.

Failing that, for PCs as well:- Active content not working.

1) You need to open the browser in desktop mode.gear

2) Click the small gear icon which can be found in the top right hand corner of  the browser window.

3) Select compatibility mode.

4) Select Navathome from the list of web sites at the top.

5) It should be OK.

Still having a problem,Contact us.

At the present time the Ocean Yachtmaster theory course will only work on PC. The free RYA chartplotter simulator will only work on PC.
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Feedback If you would like to see more feedback, please visit our free forum.

What can i say.....this course is amazing and the help and support you get is better than anything.

Let me explain - i originally did the Essential Seamanship and navigation with another online company, mention no names, but there was no support, not even a well done at the end. They forgot to send my certificate which i had to chase and then forgot to mention that i could have saved some money as the syllabus for that is covered on the day skippers course.

Then i happened across Georgina from Navathome who set me straight and booked me on the day skippers with a discount as i had already completed part of the course work.

The support i got from Georgina was amazing, prompt replies that always answered my questions. The actual course is well set out, explained with excellent animations. I really liked the self test quizzes to check my progress and the fact that Georgina was checking up on my results was reassuring that i was on the right track.

The assessment terrified me but to my surprise i got a lot of feed back from Georgina as i was working my way through it telling me how i was getting on.....all i can say it was like a little guardian angle on my shoulder. The best thing of all was that i passed, with a lot of help and support.

I have done a lot of online courses for work, from major companies pumping out training packages that just did not work, how ever this one did and then some and i can say without any doubt it is the best one i have done and will continue my studies with Georgina and the team at Navathome.

Thank you again so pleased and will see you on the Yacht master theory.....

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We have included some fun quizzes in the free trial so please give them time to load. It is worth it.

We have put every effort into producing a great set of courses and with over 15 years experience of providing online courses we have made use of all the feedback from students to improve the course.

Every time we receive a question from a student we not only answer it but look at the course material to see why the question needed to be asked.

On the top menu bar is a recently added  Glossary of terms button which appears on every page of your course.

We designed and added it at the request of students, but decided that if we were going to add it we would do it properly.
The very first with a graphic demonstration and explanation.