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Engine checks before starting


The next few pages pages cover instructions on how to carry out the checks listed below.

Using  mnemonic W O B B L E is good for remembering the engine checks.

Water: Check the raw water sea cock is turned on. Check the coolant water level and top up if necessary.

Oil: Check the oil levels and top up if necessary.

Belt: Check any belts, such as the alternator drive belt, for tension and wear.

Bilges. Check the bilges for water, oil and black dust which could have come from a worn fan belt.

Leaks: Check all pipe connections, water pump and stern gland/s for leaks especially if there is excess water in the bilges.

Exhaust: Once the engine has started, check that water is being ejected from the exhaust.

Before moving the vessel

Check that all lines and people are clear of the prop/s, the fenders are clear of other fenders, the way ahead is clear, your crew is well briefed on safety and the procedure you are proposing and that you have taken into account the wind direction and the tide.