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Day Skipper syllabus

General seamanship, including parts of the boat, tying up alongside, preparation for sea, knots and tacking.


Using charts, position fixing, plotting a course to steer, allowing for tidal set and drift.

Tidal streams

Using a tidal diamond table and the tidal stream atlas to work out the tidal set and drift for course plotting and estimnated position.


Reading and taking into account present and future weather forecasts, understanding weather, weather charts and sources of weather information.

Tidal heights

Working out the hight of tide for entering ports, crossing shallows and working out the clearances.

Collision regulations

Basic collision regulations including collision avoidance, lights, day shapes and sound signals.


Basic safety at sea including life rafts, life jackets, flares, fire prevention, mayday, and DSC radio


How to recognise buoys by their lights characteristics, shape, colour, name and what action to take when approaching one.

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The Day Skipper online theory course is ideal for those with no navigation experience and even for those who have been sailing for years but have not had any formal training.
It is essential to take the Day Skipper theory first if you wish to advance to Coastal Skipper, Coastal Yachtmaster Offshore or Ocean Yachtmaster levels.
It all starts here with the Day Skipper theory which will prepare you for the Day Skipper practical course and give you your RYA Day Skipper Theory certificate.
If you have some sailing experience and wish to atain any of these higher levels you could consider the Fastrack to Yachtmaster theory course.

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All in all a super convenient and very efficient way to pass the RYA theory examinations.

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