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The Coastal / Yachtmaster course is serious comprehensive course which can be quite intense and pressured in the classroom. We offer a relaxed way of taking this course with brilliant animated sketches, instructor support and plenty of time to complete it. So why not take the easier option and do it at home.

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No need to guess if the course is going to be good or not. Try it free. At we offer the most comprehensive free trial so you can see how much more advanced it is than other training courses.


The coastal / Yachtmaster theory covers both coastal skipper and Yachtmaster offshore and is the required course to achieve Coastal Skipper or the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore.

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You only have to look at our Trust Pilot reviews. We have been providing online navigation courses for well over ten years. Some have tried to copy us but none have surpassed us. With the benifit of years of feedback from successful students twe have atained an unsurpassd success rate.

Fully animatFully animated lessons

Free mini radar simulator

Pre course knowledge Day Skipper theory

The coastal / Yachtmaster is a comprehensive course. The pre-course knowledge is essential if you wish to complete it successfully If you have not completed the Day Skipper theory course, you should take that course first. If you are an experienced sailor we recommend that you take the fastrack to Yachtmaster theory course.

Yachtmaster Offshore Syllabus

Chart basics
How to use the chart and check chart datum.
Checking and making chart corrections.
Compass variation and deviation
Variation and deviation explained using animated drawings and sketches.
Solving problems of healing error and dip.
All about tides
Tidal terminology.
Using tide tables advanced.
Using and working out secondary port information.
Using and applying time zones.
Tidal stream and the tidal stream atlas.
Working with tidal diamonds.
Using the computations of rates graph.
Position fixing
Dead reckoning and working up an estimated position taking into account tides and leeway.
Techniques for visual fixing.
Course to steer
How to work out and plot a compass course to steer taking into account tides, leeway, time zones and computation of rates.
Electronic aids to navigation
Includes the free Navathome radar sim, use of GPS, chart navigation systems, AIS and much more.
Electronic chart plotting
Includes using the RYA chart plotter simulator included with the RYA course pack. How to use NMNE data.
Passage planning
Planning, routines and watch systems
Execution and monitoring a passage.
Visual aids to navigation
Buoyage and lights.
Leading lines and lights.
Distance off by rising and dipping.

Leading lines and transits.
Clearing bearings.
Pilot plans and restricted visibility.

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Navathome is one of the longest providers of RYA courses online. Our automated feedback systems, animated graphics and optional voice-overs give a learning experience unmatched by any of our competitors.

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Access to you course is immediate when you book, and your learning can start straight away.

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You are provided with backup and help by our RYA Ocean Yachtmaster instructors.

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Your instructor will be available from 0800 until 2000 UK time, seven days a week.

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