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This course is perfect for those wishing to have some prior knowledge before taking the RYA Competent Crew course or wish to offer their services as crew.

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    The Basic Training online theory course is ideal for those just starting out and is designed to help students wishing to take their competent Crew practical course.
    The course takes approximately 20 hours to complete, It is continuous assessment so no exam. Your certificate will be available once you have successfully completed the course

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    Over 1000 reviews

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    What sets the course apart is the responsiveness of the support team should you have any questions.
    All in all a super convenient and very efficient way to be prepared for crewing or taking a Competent Crew course.

    Basic Training  Theory Syllabus


    General seamanship, including parts of the boat, tying up alongside, preparation for sea, knots, anchors, anchoring and tacking.

    Chart familiarisation

    Basic latitude and longitude lessons, using the compass, basic chart symbols, variation and deviation.

    Practical animations

    Animations to help you understand how to help the skipper doing berthing practice, MOB for both motor and sail

    Tidal heights

    Working out the height of tide for entering ports, crossing shallows and avoiding grounding.
    The lessons cover using the tidal height tables, tidal curves, depths and depth contours.

    Collision regulations

    Basic collision regulations including collision avoidance, the correct lights to use and how to identify various types of vessel from their lights. how to recognise a vessel by its day shapes and what day shapes to use for various situations.
    The course also includes lessons and quizzes on sound signals and their various uses.


    Causes of weather systems, reading and taking into account present and future weather forecasts, understanding weather charts and sources of weather information.


    How to recognise buoys by their lights characteristics, shape, colour, name and what action to take when approaching one.


    Basic safety at sea including using life rafts, use of life jackets, how to handle and use flares, types of fire fighting equipment and fire prevention, how to make mayday calls, various ways of making other vessel aware that there is a mayday situation.

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