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RYA Day Skipper Theory course and assessment 2017

No previous experience required.
Includes 2 RYA charts, RYA almanac, RYA course notes, RYA electronic chart plotter simulator free course plotter, brass dividers, mini radar sim and animated boat handling lessons.
Everything you need to complete the course except a pencil
Online assessment to achieve your RYA Day Skipper Theory qualification.

Price: £295.00

Coastal Yachtmaster Offshore

RYA Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore theory Course.
Pre course requirements Day Skipper Theory,
Price includes charts, Almanac, Chart Plotter simulator, course notes, Free mini Radar sim, the online course and assessment.

Price: £310.00

Fastrack to Coastal / Yachtmaster Offshore Theory

No pre-course knowledge required.
Price includes day skipper level theory, 2 RYA charts, RYA almanac, RYA Coastal Yachtmaster course notes access to the RYA electronic chart plotter, course plotter, brass dividers, mini radar sim, RYA course notes and free boat handling lessons.
Online assessment to achieve your certificate.

Price: £475.00

RYA Ocean Yachtmaster

Celestial navigation course.
Pre course knowledge Coastal Yachtmaster theory.
No other centre offers a course like this. Fully animated lessons that explain how and why celestial navigation works.
Online ocean Yachtmaster assessment on completion.

Price: £295.00

Upgrade from ICC or Essential nav. to Day Skipper

Proof of previous Navathome ICC or Essential Navigation qualifications is required.
Price includes the RYA Day Skipper pack and almanac.
Students will need a pencil, plotter and dividers.

Price: £225.00

RYA Essential Navigation

RYA Essential navigation course.
Ideal for those wishing to use small boats and windsurfers.

Price: £150.00

ICC Navathome

ICC theory course brings students to the level of theory required to take the ICC practical course.
Includes an online almanac, practice navigation chart, plotter and dividers.
If you would like a paper version of the almanac please add it to your order.

Price: £150.00


Professional practices and responsibilities.

Price: £29.00

CEVNI test

RYA run CEVNI test.
CEVNI stands for Code Européen des Voies de Navigation Intérieure.
It is the code governing navigation on the interconnected European inland waterways

Price: £20.00

Plotter and dividers Not sold without a course

Already included in the Day Skipper theory course.
Optional for Coastal Yachtmaster and Ocean.
Brass dividers and the Navathome handy plotter.

Price: £15.00

ICC almanac in book form. ICC courses only.

It is an advantage to have this book with your ICC course to save flicking from the almanac screen to the questions and examples.
This almanac is not required or suitable for Day Skipper or Coastal / Yachtmastet courses.

Price: £8.00
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