Upgrade your Navathome ICC or RYA Essential Navigation theory to Day Skipper Theory

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For £225 you can upgrade from your Navathome ICC or RYA Essential Navigation to Day Skipper theory provided you have the relevant certificate.

We help you every step of the way.
When filling in answers to RYA questions using our innovative form system, the auto-help feature will give you instant help if your answers are incorrect. This is followed by help from  our instructors who will be available from 0700 until 2000 hours seven days a week.
Recently added 'Hint' buttons make it easy to remember the steps required to answer questions and reach a successful conclusion.
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The animated lessons used in our courses are not matched in any other online course.
They are designed to make learning interesting and questions easy.
Assessment methods within the courses ensure student training is Evaluated, Validated and Recorded.
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What is included in your upgrade theory pack. More info?
The pack includes connection to the RYA Day Skipper online theory course, the full RYA Day Skipper course materials provided by the RYA and the RYA Almanac. Click to hide?

Optional voice over gives you the choice.RYA Theory courses More info?
Voice overs on videos and slide shows can get irritating, especially if you miss or do not remember something that has been said.
We have solved this problem by using cross platform HTML5 animations and drawings with both text and optional voice over.
You can choose what works best for you e.g. read and watch, read, listen and watch or just listen and watch as the step by step intuitive animated lessons take you towards your theory certificate.
How it works All our animations have the explanation for each step in clear text so you can, not only read or check back through as many times as you like without having to rewind but, have the text narrated at the touch of a button.
If you miss something that has been said it is still there in front of you in plain text, moreover, every animated lesson has click forward and back buttons for revision that take you back an exact step so you do not have to search back using an inaccurate slider bar.
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Fourteen day opt out with full refund on return of the training materials.RYA Theory courses
Do your theory in the comfort of your own home.RYA Theory courses
You are not under pressure to keep up, can do it when ever you feel like it and when you have the time.RYA Theory courses
You enrolment lasts for three years.rya tick
Access is free for the first six months after which you have the option to extend in six monthly intervals.rya tick
The course can be completed in as little as 50 hours.rya tick
Your RYA pack is sent out at the latest the next day.rya tick

Assessment methods within the courses ensure student training is Evaluated, Validated and Recorded

Syllabus for the RYA Day Skipper online theory course. More info?
  • Seamanship:- includes parts of the boat, types of warp, knots, chain, anchoring, tying up, preparation for sea and port or starboard tack.
  • Introduction to chart work:- chart Familiarisation, points of the compass, latitude and longitude, position of an object, using a Portland type plotter, finding position on a chart.
  • Tidal heights and streams:- what causes tides, terminology, tidal height calculations, using tide tables, using the tidal curve, introduction to secondary ports, tidal streams using tidal diamonds and the tidal stream atlas.
  • Position fixing:-, compass variation, compass deviation, position fixing using various methods, dead reckoning and estimated position.
  • Course to steer:- How to plot a course to steer taking into account tidal flow and leeway, how to maintain an accurate ground track.
  • GPS:- Abbreviations and terminology, how to use a GPS, raster and vector charts and updating charts.
  • Buoyage and pilotage:- Available information, identification of buoys and their lights and shapes, using forward and back bearings, using tidal graphs.
  • Safety:- Safety briefs, mayday and rescue, life jackets, abandon ship, actions in fog and radar reflectors.
  • Meteorology:- Weather forecasts, weather systems, global effects, local effects, highs and lows and sources of weather information.
  • Passage planning:- Puts everything together to form a plan for a safe passage taking into account pilotage for entering and leaving marinas and tides, conditions and wind direction for the main passage.
  • Collision regulations:- General regulations, lights, shapes, sound signals, collision avoidance, stand on and give way.
  • Passage making:- Making a longer passage taking into account tidal heights, streams, port entry and exit, weather, ports of refuge, waypoints, crew management and supplies.
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 The Navathome.com suite of courses is professionally written by fully qualified RYA instructors with a background in e-learning and computer programming.

We are always happy to have a chat about your current level and which course would be the best for you.
The Navathome.com suite of courses is professionally written by fully qualified RYA instructors with a background in e-learning and computer programming.

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