The RYA Chartplotter simulator

The free RYA Electronic Chart Plotter Simulator

You will need the activation code from the front of your exercise book.

The RYA Plotter Simulator is not part of the Navathome software. It is provided free by the RYA.
Help can only be obtained by going to the writers at nuno support. There is a direct link button below.
There is a huge amount of help there and if after going through the information you still cannot run the plotter you can contact nuno support directly.

NB the code may contain the number 1 which can look like the capital letter i

If you have a mac you may need to view this site to find out how to right click. Mac right click
The free RYA chart plotter simulator can be downloaded from
Download the plotter

Wait for the plotter to fully download before trying to run it.
Once the program has downloaded only activate it once after it has loaded do not click on the download again because this will install it a second time and cause it to crash.

Macs. Right click on the downloaded file and select open. This will run the program and create an icon. Only use the icon to run the program do not click again on the download as this will install another version and cause the program to crash.
Make sure you firewall allows the program to access the internet.
PDF file containing information on how to use the RYA  Electronic Chart Plotter Simulator.
Open file
In addition to the above there is a Video on YouTube which includes information on finding the information required in the course questions. RYA Chartplotter Video
For help using the RYA training chart plotter use. Training plotter help
To plot a latitude and longitude.
Right cliick in the area of the position. Select 'Point',
Right click on the point and select 'Enter position'. Enter the latitude and longitude.
All other required lessons are in the RYA plotter video or from the RYA link to the other chart plotter videos.
Help activating the chart plotter or downloading can be found at Nuno support:- Nuno support
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